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What Are High CPC Keywords?

CPC abbrevated as "cost per click", which means the amount advertiser pays for each click on advertising campaign. CPC will be high when advertiser bids higher to win the bid in an auction, thus, the revenue of a blog or blogger will increase on which the ad will render on.

Calculation Formula for CPC:

(Competitor AdRank / Your Quality Score)+0.1 = Actual CPC

Cost per click changes from keyword to keyword and it makes sense because some keywords bring in alot of revenue than others.

The keywords we are listing in above table, are high cpc keyowrds, if you sort them by cpc, you will see keywords from high cpc to lower cpc in USD.

Above table will help us define high CPC keywords in a better way.

High CPC keywords are those keywords or phrases for which advertisers pays more on advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Native, Verizon Yahoo and more than thousands more.

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Revenue for the advertisers is determined by how much they're paying for clicks and the quality of traffic. While income for you as a blogger is determined by how much advertisers from an ad network pay you. It depends on the traffic quality without a doubt.