Step by Step Guide to Submit Website to Naver Search Engine

Naver Search Engine

Naver is a South Korean Search Engine, mostly used for culture and lifestyle content. South Korea is very competitive market. Choosing right digital channel to advertise businesses in South Korea is crucial.

Why use naver search engine

Naver Search Engine has 75% market share (1.73B Visitors) as compared to Google & Daum search engines. Google just passed Daum search engine and ranks 2nd with 11% market share.

Naver search engine market share (1.73 billion visits per month)

Naver’s market share is 75% in South Korea (1.73B), which is best option to advertise on, depending on your audience, get traffic from 1.73 billion visitors per month.

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How to Submit Your Website to NAVER Search Engine

Step by Step guide will help you submit your website to Naver Search Engine. Open in chrome browser. You can open it in any browser but i am suggesting Google Chrome because it has default functionality of translating text into English.  Once you are on search engine’s home page,


  1. Login Naver Using Facebook Account
    1. Naver’s Login Link
  2. Sign Up and Create an Account on Naver
    1. Naver’s Sign Up Link

Step 01:

Click on Naver’s Login Link and you will have options to either login your Naver, Facebook or Line account.  See below Picture

Submit Website to Naver Search Engine 03

Step 02:

Once you are logged in into naver, by clicking on Naver Webmaster Tools Link you will see the following page as mentioned in below picture. You are allowed to submit 100 websites with one account. Please enter compter URL of your website with http/https as mentioned in the screenshot and click on the arrow in input field to submit website.

Submit Website to Naver Search Engine 05

Step 03:

When you submit your website, Naver will ask to verify your submission by either adding meta tag in head section of your website or upload html file to root directory of your domain. I will go with meta tag. Copy below meta tag and paste it in head section of your website. Once you save the changes, come back to Confirmation of site ownership page and click on Ownership Confirmation button.

Note: please be careful with content of meta tag, please replace “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” with your correct verification code, which you will see on confirmation page. I kept it blank here for security reasons.

<meta name = “naver-site-verification” content = “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” />

Please check below image

Submit Website to Naver Search Engine 06

Submit Website to Naver Search Engine 07


Step 04:

After clicking on Ownership button you will be asked to enter captcha. Once you verify captcha number and confirm it. You will see a javascript popup, click on OK button will add your website to Naver’s webmaster tools.

Submit Website to Naver Search Engine 08

Submit Website to Naver Search Engine 09

Submit Website to Naver Search Engine 10