Pages Index and aren’t Index – New Google Search Console Feature

Google Search Console indexing feature under Index menu item showing publishers which pages are indexed and which pages aren’t. The useful thing about this tools is, it give useful insight and reasons why pages aren’t indexed. Fixing those issues will start indexing the pages and you will get more coverage in google search results.

Validating issues pointed out by Google Search Console will improve coverage and traffic from Google Search Results Pages.

Why Pages are not Indexed on Google

Now, google search console shows which pages are submitted and pending index in their system. Also, Google shows the pages which are submitted but they are not indexed, Some more common reasons are below.

  • Alternate page with proper canonical tag
  • Page with redirect
  • Not found (404)
  • Soft 404
  • Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag
  • Duplicate without user-selected canonical
  • Blocked due to other 4xx issue
  • Server error (5xx)
  • Crawled – currently not indexed
  • Discovered – currently not indexed
  • Duplicate, Google chose different canonical than user
  • Redirect error